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Waste & Rubbish Clearance Prices and Availability

Collection Costs

We have a range of pricing options to meet your needs. You can scale and customise your waste pickup to match your requirements.

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Optional Extras

We offer a range of optional extra pickups from fridges to beds and other large items.


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Waste Collection Costs


1 Cubic Yard Load

Labour: 10 Mins
Max weight: 70kg
Equivalent to: 8 black sacks


3 Cubic Yard Load

Labour: 20 Mins
Max weight: 250kg
Equivalent to: 20 black sacks


7 Cubic Yard Load

Labour: 30 Mins
Max weight: 500kg
Equivalent to: 40 black sacks


10 Cubic Yard Load

Labour: 45 Mins
Max weight: 750kg
Equivalent to: 60 black sacks

Customise Your Pickup

If you have a specific quantity of bags to collect, you can customise your collection here.  


14 Cubic Yard Load

Labour: 60 Mins
Max weight: 1000kg
Equivalent to: 80 black sacks